Carmeleta Ogle – Life Story

Trigger warning: please note -the following stories contain sensitive material about sexual and dating violence and may cause physiological and psychological symptoms for people with anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
These are first-hand experiences as told by women affected by gender-based violence. It is unedited and published with their full consent. Please read these stories with empathy and know that these women are survivors.
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My name is carmeleta ogle last born out of four.grow up in elsies river was my farthers only farther was alcholic but my mother was the strong one.nothing could get her down .had a stable life when i was young my mother would always provide everything we needed.when i was sixteen i had that thing of im big need also need to have a boyfriend because all my friend had this guy thouth my friend from houtbaai.lovely guy nice but never new he was like that.he invite me one weekend to houtbaai .not nowing his mother was not nite we when to sleep and rape me .the next day my mother come to take me .i could not tell anyone about it was assemt of what my morther would say .i deldt with it on my own.after 26 years i remember it like yesterday .
When i turn 17 years i met my husband after a year we get married.we seem to be happy don’t know what when wrong that time .after 3 month he take his staff and go stay by his mother and telling me i was the one how was having a affair .staying with his mother 1 month and come back .at that time i found that he was having a affair with his ex .at 20 years my fisrt born came thouth things will be much better now for a wale it was good after my son turn 2 it start again .didnt want me to go and see my family telling me that im going to meet a man .started to use me for a panching bag when i leave the house without him knowing .at that time i found out he is using drugs and seing his ex again.he was sleeping out he would end up not coming home weekends .end up pregnant again with my become so worse the beating and staff we end up seperated again that time my kids were 5 and 1 .there was a times were we just end up together again. After so many years of abuse i give up i could not take it anymore i draw a line and say to myself i had enought .he left my with alot of hate and anger in my life .but ive dael with it to make me a better person .now i was a single mom with to kids to handle on my own but ive made it so far .he end up with his ex anyway.
After some years i meet this new guy thinking ok time to move on to make a new life but like the saying say love is blind for some people.we start so good together he loved my kids 13 and 17 at that time .a father figger that they never had .after a few months later my second daugther was born .the brother and sister was so glad i was happy again my daugther use to say mommy i want a sister to play with .he seems so nice when we were not staying together after we deside we going to stay together thing also change .i found out one week after iv move in with him he is using drugs .i was so deverstated ur is my life going to repeat kids and family just cut them of from me when they hear he is using drugs.he also started to become like no u only going out when i say so. The abuse become so much that i end up in hospital with a broken arm that i needed a operasion.after i came back from hospital i when back to him because had nowhere to go had no choise .it still didn’t get me down was still standing thank u lord for giving me that the end i moved on with my life didn’t when to lay down.
Meet a new man in my life again end up being pregnant again with my son our relationship end shower because my son wanted me for himself didn’t wanted me to end up getting hired again .raise my two last borns now by myself till i end up on the streets nowhere to go and know work .being on my own again dassent scare me .thank u my living father for sending me in that right direction .i have a new family again at st annes . Beside my two lovely kids how i love so much and how keep me strong thought these months .thank u my living father for giving me that strenght to fight back and keeping the doors open for me .like the say goes if u want to be helped, helped urself first.thank u there is people out there that can help and care about us all .

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