Trigger warning: please note -the following stories contain sensitive material about sexual and dating violence and may cause physiological and psychological symptoms for people with anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
These are first-hand experiences as told by women affected by gender-based violence. It is unedited and published with their full consent. Please read these stories with empathy and know that these women are survivors.
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Im Angelick Pienaar a 34 year old lady,a mother of a 3 year old son named Israel.im the eldest of 5

Children,I was raised,mostly,by my mother and at the age of 4 got a stephfather.My mother was and still is an alcoholic

As I was growing up there wasent any hugs and kisses .from  a mother,my stephfather was very abusive towards me,my mother would steal stuff from the house to sell for alchol and I would always get the blame for things diissepearing in the house.i ran away from home.

I was sleeping in one house to the next till my younger sister bumped into me an took me home with her.i went back to school but ran away again shortly after going home because of my stephfather physically abusing me by t’he time I was in grade 9


I staye 3 years in grade 9 due to a lack of concentration because of things that happened to me.

By the time I was 19 I fell pregnant and had an ectopic pregnancy so I had to go stay by my grandparents because of shame that my father had.Time went on at my grandparents house and my grandfather started to complain aout money saying im living on their pension.so I decided to go back to my stephfathers house.But as I was standing on the n1 I decide to hell with that,im gna hike to joburg now


I got a lift with a truck.and ended up in Johannesburg at South Gate mall.as I approach the mall I saw a bench and went to sit on it,2 guys approached me and ask me wat im doing there sitting alone and I told them im looking for my sister that’s in Hillbrow.they said I could spent the nite by them in Auckland Park and because I didn’t know any one in Johannesburg,I went with them.That nite they wanted to sleepwith me and I refused early morning they chased me I didn’t know where to go,so I asked around for the nearest police station,they directed me to a police station called Sophia town police station there I met two police offecers that tooked me to a shelter in Vereeniging where I stayed for week before running away to Hillbrow.


I started staying in a brothel in Johannesburg doing prostitution I stayed there for 2 years and met a lady called Andile who introduced me to a drug called rocks.She came to Cape town to stay.and after 1 year she came back to Johannesburg offering me to come visit her in Cape Town then she gaved me a contact of a guy I called and he organized me a plane ticket.arrived in Cape Town a Cameeroonian was waiting for me at the airport then tooked me to Clearmont wher I stayed with him no sighn of Andile.After a wek I had no money left and he decide to put me in an agency I worked in an agency.worked ther evry nite and came home with money exchange for drugs.Later I met a guy called Vance a Cameroonian not knowing he was only ther to use me pretending to love me.Two years went by and I made enough money for him so he decide to leave me and go to Cameroon ;I was left stranded and turned to a guy that was my client Daniel he gaved me a roof over my head but I also experienced abuse frm hes side I fell pregnant with his child and he kicked me out of the houde saying its not hes child I stayed on the street till I was 8 months pregnant then he took me back knowing it was time for me to deliver I gaved birth on the 22 of January 2016 to a baby boy after a week of giving birth I went back home to Worcester stayed there until things start to turn sour again went to stay by my grandma again and move back to my stephfathers house again


From there I ran away to cape town and started using drugs again my child was staying by other people until one day I met some people being called word on th e street they help me to get into a shelter st annes and its been 9 months now im staying at st annes ive done a homebas cours and just want to move forward stars is the limit.




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