Who am I Yolanda MUTIBA

Trigger warning: please note -the following stories contain sensitive material about sexual and dating violence and may cause physiological and psychological symptoms for people with anxiety disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
These are first-hand experiences as told by women affected by gender-based violence. It is unedited and published with their full consent. Please read these stories with empathy and know that these women are survivors.
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Who am I Yolanda MUTIBA
My le begin
when I was 8 years old when my father was removed from us by police because of domestic violence ;because I loved my dad so much I was devastated I could not see my life without my dad I then put my whole life I begin to focus looking after my mom I just did not wanted to lose my mom like I lost my dad i could not rusk loosing my mom to I just took care of her weekends she would have her friend over and our house would look like a party house ;men would stay over and my sister would lock us in the room for safety she once wanted to lock us up but just as she went in to close the door my mom was so drunk on the couch and the man that was a friend of my mom sexually abuse my sister and he said the same will happen to the rest of us if she would tell someone my mom did not believe us the next day instead she told me to find myself another place to stay next day she went on like this until she had 6 kids all from different gays I decided to move out when she got married to one of the gays she was involve in he was not a good gay at all but she wanted to heir nothing about the men in her life until it was too late we decided to say nothing cause we would end up getting a hiding .the man she got married to once we went out with friend we came back and found him in my mother’s room in bed with our two younger sisters W when ask what was happening they said he said they cannot say ;we went to my mom she did not wanted to heir full of that she said I must find myself a place to stay after I was the one she took out of school to help her help work for ther house I was so lost I did not know what to do at that time I met one who also came out of a broken home he had a mom that was sitting in a wheel chair
i immediately felt it for him the beginning of my own life story .to my surprise he was also in a life full pf heart and pain he could not give me a life that I needed instead he abuse me mentally verbally and emotionally again Esperance the same life I came out of my husband could not give me the life I was supposed to have ;after ten years of abuse I decided to end it ;and that was one positive in my life three years later I got married again .this time it was my soul mate my life went good for ten hole years until my mother in law died that was another turning point in my life my father in law ask my husband to come stay with him I did not agree and after that he did everything to brake us up eventually after ten years he just got it right he filled for a divorce struggle to make to get over that eventually I had to move to Hanover park it was difficult but after three years I began to work in the community I realize that God had a resent way he wanted me in this place and way i started to work in the community and realize that there is people going through much whose than what I went through and that’s there is life after divorce when I started to look to other people’s problems I did not even get to think about my own and that is how I find my purpose in Hanover park where the people have much greater needs than just getting your heart fixed needs like old people that are frail and sick whose kids left them without food for days they cannot even get up to ask someone for bread they have to lay their till someone finally comes to give them something to eat medical assistance and make their sleeping place dry how terrible the oncyou race give you that life back . THANK GOD FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE SOMEONE FEEL GOOD at least once a day

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